Virtual Doula Support

There is evidence that hiring a doula can 

  • Reduce the risks of having a caesarian section birth*
  • Reduce the risks of interventions*
  • Reduce the risks of epidural or analgaesia in labour*
  • Increase the satisfaction of the birthing experience*
  • Increase the likelihood of initiating breastfeeding*
Our support can take place via text, phone, WhatsApp and Zoom. At present we are unable to attend your birth in person due to Covid-19 for the following reasons:
  • To protect the health and safety of the parents, baby, health staff and doula
  • Comply with NHS policies, protocol and guidelines
  • Comply with emergency government legislation

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We currently have four packages on offer:
Package 1: Virtual Antenatal Support 
  • We offer 5 antenatal sessions, each 60 minutes long via Zoom. These sessions are evidence-based and tailored to your needs.
  • A Whatsapp Group for the four of us (you, your partner and two doulas) to keep in touch about day-to-day issues that may arise.
  • A copy of St Albans Doulas Evidence-Based Care e-book with links to articles which can help you to make informed decisions.
  • Five e-book’s covering the main areas of our teaching. These consolidate the learning and help you to be fully informed of your choices.
  • Two St. Albans Doulas ‘Printables’.
  • Our virtual support continues up to 10 days before your due date.
Package 2: Virtual Birth Support 
  • From 10 days until you have your baby, we are on-call so we are ready for you at a time when you need it. This means that our phones are on and we are available for your call 24/7.
  • As soon as you start labouring, we can be there for you at the end of the phone, text messaging or via zoom, reminding you of all the comfort measures and techniques we talked about in the antenatal sessions.
  • We can support your partner as they support you. Whilst at home, we can zoom in to talk to you both and help keep you calm on the way to the hospital.
  • In hospital, we can talk to your partner on the phone, text or zoom if wifi allows.
  • We can offer guidance if you are asked to make decisions that you don’t fully understand.
  • 1 Postnatal session via Zoom or telephone.
Package 3: Physical Support during labour and birth (if policy allows) – all of the above plus physical presence during labour and birth. 
This package includes all of the above but one of us will attend your birth in hospital.

Package 4: Telephone Support – 60 Minutes 
If you are feeling overwhelmed with the options and choices available (or lack of choices) and would like to spend time discussing your options then book in for a phone call with one of our Doulas. We will be available during working hours 9-5pm to take calls about topics such as
  • Creating your birth plan
  • Boundary-setting and self-care
  • Packing your hospital bag
  • Talking about your latest midwife consultation
  • “Birthing without my partner – what can I do in order to create a positive experience”
  • Preparing for your Caesarian section birth
  • Birth partners – providing information to make you the best possible companion before, during and after birth.
  • Post-natal planning.
* Hodnett ED, Gates S, Hofmeyr G, Sakala C. Continuous support for women during childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD003766. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003766.pub5 and Bohren MAHofmeyr GJSakala CFukuzawa RKCuthbert AContinuous support for women during childbirthCochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD003766. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003766.pub6.