About Us

We share a passion for supporting families during pregnancy and birth journeys. We aim to be compassionate companions and practical help before, during and after your birth.  We will listen to your birth preferences, provide you with information for you to make an informed choice about your birth and help promote a calm, positive birth experience for you and your partner.

We attend births at home, birthing units and labour ward, including planned c sections. We will come to you when you feel you need support and will be there for you and your partner until your baby is born, and then stay until you are comfortable, and baby is feeding.

Newborn Feet

We are there to provide physical and emotional support throughout your labour. We don’t take over the role of your partner, we protect your birthing bubble – your baby, you and your partner. If you are birthing alone then we will be there for you as your birth partner, We don’t advise, but we support you with your choices and provide you with options, and signpost to the relevant professionals.

We provide a library of books and resources to educate and help make better-informed choices whilst finding a calmer yet more assertive frame of mind.

About Julia


I am passionate about providing a friendly, supportive and warm service to individuals expecting a baby.  I work with expectant families and parents on their own to provide an all-round emotional support in all aspects of birth and newborns.

I aim to support my clients with the decisions they make and help to arm them with the knowledge and confidence to believe in themselves.  I will work with your midwife and birth partner, if this is applicable to you, to ensure you feel safe, secure and empowered during the birthing process.

I am a doula mentor for doula UK supporting newly qualified doulas on their journey.

I studied hypnobirthing for my 2nd and 3rd births and I have since trained in Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing.  I offer both private and group classes to a range of couples who are hoping for a positive birthing experience.
I trained as a Birth and Post Natal Doula with Nurturing Birth in February 2013.  I have also trained in Malposition.

About Joan

I am a qualified Nurse, HypnoBirth instructor, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Doula, Mum to 3 children and a dog owner.

Practising in Harpenden and St Albans for many years, I have taught HypnoBirthing to over 1000 couples, supported over 60 families as a Doula and treated many, many women with Reflexology and Aromatherapy

About Lucy


I live in Hertfordshire with my husband, 3 children, a dog and 2 cats.  Having had 3 different births with varying levels of support throughout them all I had a calling to want to help to provide a positive birth experience for women.  Offering the right support, care and knowledge to people at this time is essential and benefits both parent and baby.

I am a compassionate and caring person and have spent 12 years as a massage therapist in Palliative care at the Hospice of St Francis as well as running 6-week support programmes for people in remission. I also volunteer at  Watford General Hospital with breastfeeding support on the postnatal ward and in recovery.

I am embracing life as a doula and I am available to support you as a Birth or Postnatal Doula as well as offering antenatal or postnatal massage and breastfeeding support.