Post-Natal Support

As post-natal Doulas we are keen to help families enjoy those first few weeks with their new born. We aim to ease the family into their new life by offering comfort and support, whether it be practically or emotionally. We are open to discussing how we can help in the best way to support the new parent and baby.

We often refer to our Post-Natal work as “Mothering the Mother”. This new and challenging time can bring many rewards but it can be tough for so many reasons, every baby is different. Often a reassuring and supportive presence is all that is needed and we are flexible in how we support our families. You may only require a few hours here and there or you may need a consistent Doula most days for a few months. Julia, Lucy and Tricia all offer post-natal support. We are happy to chat though your thoughts and needs.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you in the early days.