Bespoke Antenatal Workshops

Private sessions in the comfort of your own home, delivered to match your own needs.

These sessions provide pre-birth education in an active and informed way, providing evidenced based content and easy to follow tips. Offered by Julia, who has supported over 70 birthing families in the last 9 years, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of what birthing is really like. Each workshop can be picked as a stand alone session or all sessions can be taken as a full preparation programme.

Session 1 – Preparing for Birth

£90 Face to Face, £70 – live on Teams

Signs that you may be going into in labour
Physiological Birth and Hormones
Early labour – being at home
Breathing, relaxation and touch and massage
The role of sweeps and vaginal exams
How you can prepare yourself to cope during labour, including techniques and tools
Positions for labour and birth (including biomechanics)
How to know when to go to hospital
Birth preferences
Hospital / baby bag
What happens immediately after birth

Session 2 – Breastfeeding / feeding and The postnatal Period

£90 Face to Face, £70 live on Teams

All about Colostrum and milk
When to feed
Feeding Positions
Latching for a feed
Where to seek support
Early days with your newborn
Caring for yourself in the 4th trimester

Session 3 – Birth Partner Workshop

£45 face to face, £30 live on Teams

How to prepare, physically and emotionally
Physiology of birth and the environment
How to support the decision making process
Checklist for physical support
The early days as a new family
Advocating birth preferences

Session 4 – Preparing for intervention and Pharmaceutical Pain relief

£90 Face to Face, £70 live on Teams

Induction of labour
Epidural, including benefits and risks
Instrumental birth
Abdominal births, preferences, how to prepare and recovery

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