Our additional Services


Prepare yourself to enjoy a positive birth journey.

With hypnobirthing, Joan will explain how well equipped you already are, and teach you the skills to leave fear outside the birthing environment. This will help you to remain calm, confident and in control of your birth. She offers couples lots of choice with private and group classes, evenings or weekends with sessions based in Harpenden & St Albans.

Find our more about Joan at: www.birthwell.co.uk

Post-Natal Doula Support

It is our aim is to ease your family into your new life by offering comfort and support, whether it be practically or emotionally.

We often refer to Post Natal Doulaing as “Mothering the Mother”.  This new and challenging time can bring many rewards but it can be tough for so many reasons, every mother and baby is different.   Often a new mum just needs a reassuring and supportive presence and we are flexible in how we support our families. It may be that you only require a few hours here and there or you need a consistent Doula most days for a few months.  Julia, Tricia and Lucy are all post-natal doulas.

Find out more about Julia at: www.doulajulia.com or contact  07956 330438.

Pregnancy Massage
Lucy is a massage therapist with over 23 years experience and has worked in palliative care for 12 of those years.  She works with many women during pregnancy and after birth.
Pregnancy Reflexology

Joan has been trained in both regular and maternity reflexology for over 20 years. Maternity reflexology is aimed specifically to support women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.  During pregnancy your body goes through significant physical changes which affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body.Reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers of the body through massage and acupressure of the feet to help restore balance.  It is very safe, effective and relaxing.


This relaxing nurturing and restorative postpartum massage includes rebozo techniques and wrapping to help treat the changes and discomfort brought on by pregnancy and birth.