Our doulas were my dream team for the birth of my baby girl. They showed such care and support in the lead up to the birth – they made efforts to understand and connect with my husband and I so we could establish a trusting relationship. I felt totally empowered by them and loved receiving the many supportive whatsapp messages. The actual birth was far from what I planned/ hoped for. It was a long, drawn-out induction in the hospital– a far cry from the hypno/water/home birth I wanted! Despite that, our doula knew exactly what to do in the room. I was so grateful for her presence. She was able to give my husband a much-needed brake and always seemed to be right there with whatever I needed – a cold flannel, water, a hug! She clutched my birthplan like it was a holy scripture and made sure my wishes were respected at every turn. She helped me reclaim my birth experience.

Both doulas gave us further support by visiting us after the birth to help us process the experience. Our doula is officially Queen of  empowering whatsapp messages! I also hired both ladies for extra post-natal care. From helping me wash the baby, to ironing and cleaning – everything they did was incredibly helpful and meant that I could rest and bond with my darling daughter.

I am so happy to have had such incredible women support me during this lifechanging event. I will most certainly hire them again for future babies.  I am forever grateful to you both.

Anna and Youssef

My Doula is a gift to any new mum – she was like a fairy godmother to us and just made that first month at home far more enjoyable to me. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

-Andy & Heather

Our Doulas were a calming influence and great support throughout the pregnancy, during labour and postnatal.  They offered fantastic support and evidence-based resources for us to consider and make informed decisions.
Having them present during birth meant we could focus on the birth and felt looked after as they knew our preferences.  We were supported immediately post-birth until we were totally comfortable and settled as a new family of 3!

– Nirali and Jag.

She is extremely intuitive,  She is so friendly, good-humoured and emotionally intelligent.  I am so lucky to have found such a good Doula and was sad when I no longer needed her.

-Harriet & Christian

As first time parents we count ourselves lucky to have had such a wonderful birth Doula.  She is a very warm and caring person by nature. Despite this gentleness there is nothing she could not handle to provide the birth we hope for. Having a doula was the best investment by far!

-Anna and Alex

Julia and Lucy were our doulas for the birth of our first baby.   Our first birth turned out rather differnet from what was planned.  It was SUCH a positive experience despite a lot of initial doubts and worries.  They were always there to reassure us of our decisions and with their wealth of experience they were able to explain the benefits of each course of action.  Following the birth they were able to answer all our questions- there were many!  really helpful since so much was unknown to me.  During such uncertain time of 2020 having a positive birth like ours I feel is a real triumph and we couldn’t have done it without their support. Big thanks.

-Emma & Teddy

I feel so lucky to have had Joan and Julia as our doula’s. Their approach and manner with each meeting or call put us at ease and we had lots of laughs along the way! Our what’s app group was constantly active with many questions from us and complete support from them. I couldn’t have asked for more. Every time we spoke we felt more empowered for the labour and they always ensured our preparation was the top priority. I’ll never forget the bond and relationship formed with them.


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Planning a home birth and hiring a doula was the best decision I made. It was so lovely to be at home for my labour. The birth pool was amazing. I am thankful to my doulas for making my birth experience so positive. A week after my birth I am still on a high from my birth experience, and a huge part of that was being supported at home and having very supportive doulas.