Walking Bumps

Julia and Lucy would love you to join us for our new fortnightly ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions in your local area. As two birthworkers, we share a passion for supporting pregnant people and feel that combining antenatal education, physical exercise and companionship is a great way of reaching out to our local community.

During this time of uncertainty spending time in nature can be a great comfort to us and a small group meet-up can be a great way to start your day before the online world takes over again. We are fortunate to be able to offer our guided walks in the beautiful countryside of St. Albans and Berkhamsted.

Our fortnightly walks, one in each of the areas above, will start at 9.30am and take around 45 minutes. All walks will be taken at a leisurely pace designed to suit everyone in the group. Our starting points will include accessible parking and groups will be kept to a limit of five people per walk.

There will be a topic of the week which may include comfort measures in early labour, positive thinking during pregnancy, induction, the 4th trimester and many more. We are happy to be guided by the topics on your mind.

The cost for each walk will be £5.

Please contact Lucy on 07768 425909 for Berkhamsted walks and Julia on 07956 330438 for St Albans Walks.